Bad vs Evil


In this corner, Herman & Kittle Properties Inc (Herman & Kittle), Indianapolis property developer.  Ready to build “low income” housing, just as the politicians want.

In that corner, the politicians who make up the rules and then complain when people follow them.

The round starts with a flurry.  Quickly penning a letter to the Indiana Housing & Development Authority King Tony Roswarski asks the State to turn down the application for tax credit. “It’s just not right – it’s not how we do things here,”  Indeed it’s not.  Apparently Herman & Kittle forgot that the divine right of Kings still has power in Lafayette.  No need for that pesky rule of law (the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws). Tony knows what is right, just kiss his ring and he will tell you so.

The referee steps in and reminds King Tony he is actually an elected official and instructs the judges to subtract a point from his score.

With nimble movements, Joseph Caldron, Herman & Kittle’s attorney counters. His client is “prepared to meet the list of other stipulations laid out in the county’s land use rules.”  The politicians made the rules, Herman & Kittle simply follow them.  The Mayor’s nose is bloodied.

State House Representative Sally Siegrist, sensing the mayor is in trouble, steps in,  but  trips over her feet and falls.  Preventing complete embarrassment before she tries “a remedy in the form of a bill in the General Assembly“.   The General Assembly needs a law, to fix a law that the General Assembly wrote and Herman & Kittle are following, because they are not doing what the lawmakers, who wrote the laws, want them to do and we can not have that.  Woodrow Wilson and FDR are cheering from their grave as liberty is being buried alive.

Sensing the fight is almost over and he has almost missed an opportunity to look like a hero, the petulant U.S. Congressman Todd Rokita runs into the fray with a blistering admonition to the Indiana Housing & Development Authority,  “I urge you to consider the objections of Mayor Roswarski.”  Remarkable courage.  Another “Fire Rokita” sign just went up.

Mercifully, the fight is stopped, by a bunch of dead people who will actually decide that outcome.  The irony,  by following the rules, a bunch of dead people could accomplish what a mayor, a state house representative and a U.S congressman could not do.

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