Slaves and Tyrants

“What’s mine is mine, and what’s your’s is….well negotiable.” Freedom dies by a slow torturous process of compromise.

You may own the building, but the renown artist’s spray paint graffiti is more important than your ownership of private property. Knock down your building, it will cost you $6.7 million. Your private property is important, but not as important as interest New York City has in the graffiti.

You may own the building, but economic development is more important. The fact the property was never used for economic development is of no consequence. As Clarence Thomas opined, “Though citizens are safe from the government in their homes, the homes themselves are not.” Which begs the question, how safe can we be in our homes?

It may seem absurd that knocking down your property results in a fine. Or that condemning your property for the sake of economic development, that never happens, is sanctioned. But it is not absurd to those that feel they should control their fellow citizens in order to establish a more just society.

Tyrants come in all shapes, sizes and political affiliation. Whether they are “pointy headed academics” on the left, or “flag waving rednecks” on the right, it does not matter. Their movements are synchronized to take away others freedoms because, well, they just do not like how that freedom is being used. They simply know better, whether that knowledge is masquerading as “academics” or “common sense” is irrelevant.

You can not change use your property, I like it the way it is.” So the superfluous arguments begin as private property ownership shifts from the individual to the collective. Principles do not matter. Political bullying is in method of vice.

It’s a local matter, so it should be controlled locally”. Control being the hinge on which the door of freedom swings and they want that hinge to swing one way; we can use our property, but you can not build a quarry on your’s. Control, whether it emanates from the federal or local level does not matter. Power is power and limiting is the goal of freedom; expanding it is the goal of the tyrants. Seriously, someone spray paints your building and you can not clean it up?

But the environment will suffer” are code words for your science is wrong, ours is right. The world is flat until is was proven otherwise. How was it proven? By science, over the course of hundreds of years. There are reasons we have traditions and institutions built on centuries of trial and error. But, appealing to “pop science” is in vogue. The freedom deniers are sponsoring “Americus Rallies Against Global Warming” next week.

The ultimate insult to freedom and private property ownership? “Our property values will decrease.” In a market economy the door swings both ways. If your property value decreases because of your neighbors utility, then their value must suffer if you prohibit their use. “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine to control” is the tyrant’s chant. Christopher Lasch was right, we are a culture of narcissists.

Once the personality cult catches hold it is hard to shake. C.S. Lewis’s character Wormwood said it best, “Liberalism (classical) is the boogeyman as men are hastening to become slaves and tyrants”. The question we must ask ourselves is, “Do we want a free society or not?”.  Some people want to be slaves and some want to be tyrants.

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