Economic Fascism – Grant County Style

“The county is coming around to the idea because they see how much it really helps our local employers and ANYTHING we can do to help them thrive in this community is a good thing,” said Grant County Economic Growth Council Victoria Herring.

And she does mean anything, including looting current residents under the guise of “it’s good for you”. “I am here from the government and I am here to help”…yikes, hold on to your wallet.

The Grant County (Indiana) Economic Growth Council has decided that it is good to give away incentives in the form of payment assistance or housing costs reduction if you fit the correct special interest group.

Grant County voted 67% for Donald Trump in 2016, begging the question, “What is the difference between modern conservatives and liberals when it comes to the role of government interference in the economy?”. The answer: None. Both love to spend your money for you.

Phil Bowers, President of Advance Cabinet Systems, gushes, “It’s really helped a lot”. It is a plan for the county to pay closing costs, up to $5000, or give a 20% rent rebate, to qualified transplants to Grant County. The goal is to attract more of the right kind of people to Grant County. Hard to believe? No, not really, both dominant political parties have their favorite special interest groups to payoff.

Consider the plight of Phil Bowers. He can not find enough qualified workers, so what does he, and others like him, do?

Consider his options: He can increase the compensation package that he is offering to perspective workers to make work more attractive to them. He can offer job training to his current workers to elevate their skills and thus make them more valuable to his company. Or, he can convince the county to take wealth from the citizens and then give that wealth to his perspective employees.

The first two options affect his bottom line. The last one affects yours. Gives new meaning to “what’s mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable”.

Some would call it socialism. Others would say it is communism. It’s closer to fascism (private ownership directed by government) says me. Nonetheless, it is killing liberty.

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